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Monday, July 9, 2012

A buggy sort of run

I had quite a few brief encounters with bugs on a recent 3 mile trail run in PA State Gamelands 170 at the base of Cove Mountain.  Most of which ranging from unpleasant to painful, but one on the complete other end of the spectrum, and worthy of some pictures:

This is Limenitis arthemis, also known as the Red-spotted Purple Butterfly.  I was lucky enough to encounter a swarm (maybe 15-20) of these little guys twice on my out-and-back run, the first time I didn't notice until I was right on top of them, essentially startling them away.  I kept an eye out on my way back and was able to approach more stealthily to get some shots with my phone's camera.  A beautiful sight on an otherwise non-descript game lands access road.

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