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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A run along the Schuylkill

While visiting my sister in Philly over the weekend, I got a run in on a beautiful Saturday morning.  As the title would imply, it was (mostly) along the eastern bank of the Schuylkill River, the western border of the city center.  It was a few miles from her South Philly place to the river, so I got plenty of diverse scenery along the way!

Morning view, downtown
Amtrak building on the other side of the river
River scene

Another river view

Construction workers sandblasting steps at a new park

There was a 5K later that morning so plenty of runners were out on the riverside trail

Boathouse row in the distance

Rowing boats at boathouse row

There was a large collection of runners gathering in this spot, but being about a mile away, I don't think it had any relation to the 5K down by the art museum

Gorgeous pathway leading up to the art museum

Full disclosure: I totally tried to race this train (I estimate it was going 10mph)
I came across this sweet dog park just after leaving the river trail.  Artificial turf and everything!

There were quite a few neat murals around the city

Back in south philly!

One lesson learned about running in the city is the inability to get an accurate GPS signal. I would estimate my run to have only been about 6.5 miles, but due to all the extra "squiggly lines" along Walnut St.  it really added unrealistic mileage.

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