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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Photos from the past month or so...

There's been a whole lot of "life" going on recently and I haven't been active on the blog.  Here's my attempt to give you a little something of what's been happening in pictures (in chronological order).  Enjoy!

Montour Trail in Pittsburgh

9/11 Memorial in Shenksville, PA

Wienermobile on the PA Turnpike

Geocaching in the storm drains!

Delaware Water Gap swimming hole

One of the many DWG waterfalls

Roof of an old mill in DWG

NPS sign

Cliff view in DWG

NJ state highpoint

View west from NJ state highpoint nearing dusk

Elevation comparison at NJ state highpoint



Dam at Beckley Furnace, western CT

Beckley Furnace, CT

Near CT state Highpoint

CT state highpoint, log.

South view, near CT state highpoint

Blueberries all picked!!!

Another summit, CT

CT view

Time for a break from highpointing, Great Barrington, MA

Mt Greylock Summit, MA

AT view on Mt Greylock

RI st highpoint

RI state highpoint

Local beers to celebrate highpoint achievements

Sam Adams brewery tour

Visiting my childhood neighborhood

Beautiful day in Suncook!

NH Capitol

ME Capitol

Along the ME shoreline

Self shot on top of Cadillac Mountain

Elevation comparison on Dorr Mtn

View NE on Dorr Mtn

Lunch break!  Killer Lobster Rolls!

"That guy" in Rumford, ME

Crap.  Got to Mt Washington too late!

Potty break in VT, on the way home.

The loot from New England!

A pleasant view on a run along the Susquehanna in Harrisburg

Kayaking the Susquehanna

More kayaking, approaching the SusQ Lady Liberty

On the Rocks Trail Run, my 3rd running.

Celebratory brewski

I found a Cicada

Gift from the boss.

Having a religious experience at the AT Museum at Pine Grove Furnace State Park in PA.

Great Race!

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