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Monday, April 21, 2014

Hooper's Island Trip with Mom - April, 2014

Christmas in April.  Not a phrase spoken or heard often (if at all), but it happened this year for Mom and I.

You see back in December, for the first year ever I decided rather than giving away material things, I'd be giving away activities.  Shortly after Christmas, Mom and I sat in front of a computer screen, scanning sites like Amtrak, VRBO, Kayak, and Southwest.  The possibilities were (almost) endless, and ultimately we decided on a place in Southern Maryland through airbnb.  I've heard nothing but great things from friends regarding this site and I can't say I've had a negative experience yet.  My other (and first) foray into airbnb booking was in Nicaragua and it worked out perfectly!

Labeled as the "Best Kept Secret by the Bay", our airbnb house and the surrounding area was certainly that!  We couldn't believe how quaint and non-commercialized Hooper's Island was...just a small fishing village on the bay where literally everyone waves at passers by and blue crabs are served "fresh off the boat" in season.

Without an itinerary, we also visited Cambridge and Annapolis during the trip, and couldn't have asked for better weather: Sunny with a bay breeze and highs in the low 70s!

It turns out that many of the roads and sites we visited would soon be home to the newest Ironman Triathlon in the US: Ironman Maryland.  I've never done a tri, but after running and driving around this area, be ready for an easy course terrain-wise.  I mean, like zero hills.

I'm really looking forward to doing this style of Christmas gift again next year; can't wait to see where my family wants to go next!

Enjoy some photos from the trip, as well as a (mostly) dash cam video at the end of this post.

On the harbor in Annapolis

Maryland State House

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge (bald eagles were nesting)

Along the trails in BWNWR

Speedy little run!

The forest beginning to devour an abandoned tractor along the trails in BWNWR

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