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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What's in your collection?

You're invited to a friends' house and upon entry to a certain room (or rooms!) you encounter a gathering of memorabilia bordering on excessive, and way past crazy.  It's a collection of something you've probably thrown away thousands of times: perhaps bottle caps, or maybe postcards?  In any event, you don't understand the obsession, but your friend is passionate about their private stash.  We've all met him or her, and if you haven't, maybe it's you!  No worries though...

we all have quirky things that we save

One of mine is rather specialized collection which focuses on a specific set of parameters.

  1. It must be a hood ornament from a car (and no...I'm not tearing metal off of vehicles!  These are found along the side of the road)
  2. It must be found while running

Because of these stringent requirements, well, I haven't accumulated many (read: 3).

That thing gotta Hemi?

As you can see, I've also turned this collection into a small arts and crafts project with a little glue and some magnets.  Totally not my idea though, I was inspired by a friend. (who may or may not have their own quirky collections!)

I like to think of myself as fairly minimalist, so I'm not much of a collector of anything else, but the glimmer of a shiny object along a road run gets me instantly excited.  Maybe I'm just entertaining myself, who knows?

What sort of running related things do you collect?



  1. Trash...I collect trash when I hike/walk/run. I CANNOT tolerate litter. :)

    1. Awesome! I should have also noted that I collect baked goods, IN MY BELLY!